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Stross and Gibson Comparisons for Edelman

Two more favorable reviews for David Louis Edelman's Infoquake.

Ryun Patterson of Bookgam offers a comparison to William Gibson's Neuromancer and says, "Infoquake is a triumph of speculation. Edelman has foreseen a nanotech future of warring corporations and stock markets of personal enhancement in which both the good and the bad of the present day is reflected with an even hand and startling clarity."

Meanwhile, JP at SFSignal gives Infoquake 4 1/2 stars. He sites similarities to Orson Scott Card and Frank Herbert and says, "A very strong debut novel mixing a historically detailed timeline with an intriguing technological future. David Louis Edelman makes reading about corporate shenanigans fun.... Edelman seems to be channeling Charlie Stross in his ability to imagine future tech and the consequences arising from its use."

And for those in Baltimore and Northern Virginia, David Louis Edelman will be making two appearances next week. On Tuesday, September 5, at 7:00 P.M., he will be making an appearance at the Barnes & Noble in White Marsh, MD to promote Infoquake. And on Thursday, September 7, at 7:30 P.M., he'll be reading and signing at the Barnes & Noble in Reston, VA.

Finally, David has uploaded a handful of photos to Flickr of the August 12 Infoquake launch party (featuring the world famous Infocake).

Meanwhile, I hope we can be forgiven for calling attention to this final line of the Bookgasm review, "Pyr is quickly becoming the standard by which all other sci-fi imprints are judged, and Infoquake is no exception. This book is billed as the first of a trilogy, and for once, that’s a good thing."

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