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The Prodigal Comes Home

Lenora Rose, of the Green Man Review, has just posted a review of one of our earliest titles, Charles Coleman Finlay's wonderful The Prodigal Troll:

"Charles Coleman Finlay has made a name for himself already with a variety of experimental short stories and novellas that span almost every branch of fantasy and science fiction (many of which can now be found in his collection, Wild Things). His first novel, The Prodigal Troll, was highly anticipated and has been strongly lauded, and it's a book that I can recommend even as I can say that aspects of it were not to my own taste. Everything Charlie Finlay wanted to accomplish in this book he did, successfully. I was well intrigued by the prologue, and from part two onward, I was entranced by the story.... There's a sense of impending tragedy in the book, yet while the story is gritty, it's never entirely bleak. Maggot is courageous and resourceful and utterly himself, the people he meet prove to have more dimensions than he presumes when he meets them, and the choices he makes have the ring of truth. It's cliché to say I look forward to more from this author, but ... I really do."

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