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Win it before you can buy it!

From now until February 1,  you can hop on over to Goodreads to for the chance to win an ARC of Brenda Cooper's latest science fiction novel Edge of Dark, which hits shelves this March!

What if a society banished its worst nightmare to the far edge of the solar system, destined to sip only dregs of light and struggle for the barest living.  And yet, that life thrived?  It grew and learned and became far more than you ever expected, and it wanted to return to the sun.  What if it didn’t share your moral compass in any way?

In Edge of Dark, meet ranger Charlie Windar and his adopted wild predator, and explore their home on a planet that has been raped and restored more than once.  Meet Nona Hall, child of power and privilege from the greatest station in the system, the Diamond Deep.  Meet Nona’s best friend, a young woman named Chrystal who awakens in a robotic body….


Want to win BIG?

If you feel like you're missing some major science fiction in your life, then have no fear.  We're giving away the latest Cassandra Kresnov trilogy featuring the most badass cyborg to grace the universe. 

Want to win all three of Joel Shepherd's books? For your chance to win copies of 23 Years on FireOperation Shield, and Originator send a picture of yourself to us with the subject line "Cyborg Photo Challenge" to posing with these three items (and yes, we can tell if you use Photoshop!): a science fiction Pyr book, fire, and a picture of your favorite robot.  Entries must be received by January 30.

Some of the best entries could even make their way to our Facebook page* but be careful with the fire, okay? Especially around our books!

More information about these titles and the other Cassandra Kresnov books can be found in this month's issue of the Pyr-a-zine.

*Restricted to US and Canada only. Any photo submitted may be used for promotional purposes on any of Prometheus Books/Pyr's social media pages or our website, or blog.


Happy (Late) Science Fiction Day!

January 2 was National Science Fiction Day, but we were on vacation last week so we're celebrating today! Even though every day is science fiction day here at Pyr we still think it's a great excuse to look at the awesome scifi books we've got under our belt.  Well, we keep them on our shelves because pants are a terrible place to try and store large, rectangular objects get the point. Most of these titles are already available now, including Joel Shepherd's Originator officially on sale today! Keep an eye out for Superposition and Edge of Dark early this spring.

On to the world-hopping and spaceships!


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