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Miéville and King Comparisons for Williams

Two more favorable reviews for Sean Williams's The Crooked Letter.

JP at SFSignal describes the book as "Non-standard fantasy setting, loads of different deity figures, interesting premise," and says, "if you're looking for a good non-standard fantasy book, pick up The Crooked Letter." (Be warned, though, that there are some pretty big spoilers in his book description.)

Meanwhile, Neth Space calls Williams "an author to watch," and says Williams's writing is "as dark and gritty as a Miéville novel, as strange as Stephen King, and more accessible than either."


  1. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I used big spoilers in my review? Ack. I try not to spoil anything in my reviews so maybe I need to re-define what a spoiler is....

  2. Well, you took us clear to the end. I actually found it a good refresher since I read the book some time ago. But hey - I'm not complaining. Keep the love coming!