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Stomach-churning Alien Love

Now that's a blurb.

The Liberty Gun: Book Three of the Structure Series

Martin Sketchley. Pyr, $15 paper (360p) ISBN 978-1-59102-492-7

In Sketchley's gritty third Structure novel (after The Destiny Mask and The Affinity Trap), intrepid time travelers Alexander Delgado and his former lover and intelligence officer, Ashala (aka "Ash"), must contend on the war-ravaged planet Seriatt with the conquering Sinz, a bizarre species consisting of three races—avian, amphibian and humanoid—some of whom can change shape. Delgado and Ash meet Cowell, a native vilume ("the most mysterious of the three Seriattic sexes," not to be confused with the three Sinz races), who joins them in the battle to prevent the Sinz from attacking Earth next. That Cowell later becomes erotically attached to the humans complicates their mission. Sketchley excels at depicting the futility of endless cultural conflicts, but readers should be prepared for some stomach-churning alien love and birthing scenes. (Nov.)

--Publishers Weekly, September 18, 2006

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