The Geomancer


Pyr® is a science fiction and fantasy imprint from Prometheus Books, a leader in publishing books for the scientific, professional, library, educational, popular and consumer markets. Prometheus Books took its name from the courageous Greek god who gave fire to humans, lighting the way to reason, intelligence, and independence. Pyr, the Greek word for fire, continues this connection to fire and the liveliness of imagination. In its first exciting five years, Pyr has set the bar high for creativity, intelligence, and quality. Prometheus Books is proud of this addition to our legacy.

Since 2005, Pyr has published in many areas of speculative fiction, including steampunk, epic fantasy, hard science fiction, sci-fantasy blends, alternate history, sword and sorcery, near future thrillers, and space opera. In 2011, Pyr published their first books specifically for the young Adult reader. Regardless of subgenre, Pyr has delivered on its mission to provide books of a consistently high quality, from the content to the packaging.

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