The Geomancer


It's down to the wire

Panicking because there's only, what, about three days left to finish your Christmas shopping?  Put down the "#1 Dad!" mug and get him what he really wants this year, a fast-paced ride on a renegade airship or an epic battle of swords and magic.

 Falling Sky by Rajan Khanna         Fortress in Orion by Mike Resnick
 The Nebula Awards Showcase 2014 edited by Kij Johnson         Blood and Iron by Jon Sprunk

 Sword of the Bright Lady by M.C. Planck

Head out to the nearest bookstore now! Then pat yourself on the back for finishing early this year.

Hey, we won't tell.


The perfect gift

Happy Holidays!

The bird is off the table, which means the holiday season is officially in full swing. Just because some stores have been playing Jingle Bells since Halloween doesn't mean we're all on the crazy train to Christmas...

But now it is time to start thinking about those you love, those you pretend to like, and those you are stuck with no matter what (uh...your family). If you know someone who likes sword fights, intergalactic battles, and heroes with more than a few flaws, then we've got you covered this holiday season! Check out the most recent issue of the Pyr-a-Zine to find the perfect gifts for the fantasy and science fiction-lovers on your holiday lists.