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LEC Book Reviews names Pyr "Best SFF Publisher or Imprint 2011"

LEC Book Reviews has just released their choice for the "Best SFF Publisher or Imprint 2011" and we are gratified to see that they have selected Pyr. They write:
"...throughout the year, in almost every review of their titles I’ve written you’ll have noticed some mention of how great Pyr is. Under the deft editorial management of Lou Anders, this imprint of Prometheus Books continued to grow on the genre scene, and even expanding a new YA-oriented line of books. But more importantly, Pyr continued to do what we love it for; publishing consistently quality genre novels, adorned with gorgeous artwork from their Art team.

Pyr doesn’t necessarily publish the most thought-provoking novels or those with great literary ambitions - they publish the devilishly creative, offbeat, and fun ones. Their books are often pulpy, hilarious, colorful, and brimful with fantastical goodness. Pyr knows how to pick them, and we’re glad they do."
Thanks! We appreciate this very much! 


Last Minute Gift Ideas

It's December 21st. You forgot about that nephew, or (really?) still don't have anything for mom. AND YOU WILL SEE THEM IN 3 or 4 DAYS. Here are several suggestions, in both fiction and nonfiction, for easy stop-and-grab-on-the-way gifts for every reader on your list:

Holiday Gift Guide #1


Holiday Gift Guide #2

We hope they help! Happy holidays.


Pyr: Best SFF Press for eBooks

Staffer's Musings have just released their Best SFF Press for eBooks (2011). They write:
"What I can judge, is who's making the effort to put out the best eBooks. And that's Pyr.

It shouldn't be new to anyone who reads this blog that I'm a dedicated eReader. The vast majority of books I purchase are eBooks and the vast majority of ARCs I read are electronic. Gone are the days of error ridden eBooks from major publishers (largely), but there's still a huge gap between the quality of hard copies and their eBook counterparts. Lou Anders, and Pyr, are changing that one eBook at a time.

Sure, their eBooks are almost never available on release day. And yes, they're not as affordable as those from Angry Robot or Night Shade (who both do a great job with their eBooks also). But for me Pyr has become the go to source for beautiful, professional eBooks"