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Infinity and the Infoquake

SFRevu has just posted a review of John Meaney's To Hold Infinity. A completely stand-alone novel set in the same universe (but not the same world) as his Nulapeiron Sequence; it could almost be viewed as his Hobbit to the Lord of the Rings. We brought it out after the sequence, in a first hardcover edition that the Jim Burns artwork has always deserved.

SFRevu says, "Meaney delivers a cautionary tale of a future world and augmented humans. Much is taken for granted and not explained, but his world works and his characters come alive. Like other writers, both American and British, he uses Japanese characters, the concept of a warrior culture, and ritual combat to frame a struggle for world or even universal domination."

Here's the full wrap-around, cover design by Jacqueline Cooke: (white lines delineating the spine not on the final):

Meanwhile, one wonders if John will write a Silmarillion one day.

In other news, LA Splash has this to say about David Louis Edelman's Infoquake:

"Infoquake is one of those books that hooks you into the story and makes you never want to put the book down. ...find yourself unable to stop thinking about the questions raised by the story. It is a book that describes the ultimate quagmire created when greed competes against decency."


  1. Really superb cover art on this book !!

  2. Thanks, Andrew.
    This is the same artwork used on the mass-market edition in the UK. I always felt it deserved a hardcover, though the dimensions are different. Hence, my designer's solution of the black sidebar for the blurbs on the backcover.