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InfoView - David Louis Edelman on SFFWorld

Rob H. Bedford has just posted a new interview with David Louis Edelman on SFFWorld.

Speaking of his recent World Science Fiction convention appearance, Edelman says, "A few people did recognize me from the hat, but most people had no idea who I was until someone would say, "you know, the Infoquake guy." They seemed to recognize the title of the book. I guess it's a good thing I decided on something short and punchy rather than the book's original title, Randomly Generated Pleasurable Startle 37b."

Meanwhile, Edelman says he will make his next convention appearance at CapClave in Silver Spring, MD (October 20-22). Look for the guy in the hat!


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Hey, cool! I get to meet him at Capclave. Looking forward to it. He's giving away free copies of Infoquake on his blog this week:


  2. You have to promise me to walk up to him and say "Excuse me, but are you the Infoquake guy?"