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Justina in the NYRSF

The New York Review of Science Fiction, August 2006 issue, has this to say about Justina Robson's Silver Screen:

"The major strength of Silver Screen is its central character, Anjuli. She is short and cubby, sure that her only talent is her eidetic memory, that she is otherwise unworthy of her role in AI research and her position among her friends. Yet, as Beckett might say, she goes on. Her confusion and insecurity make her determination more interesting than any glamour or daring would, and the novel's focus on this character, rounded in more ways than her figure, gives it a heft that solidifies its exploration of alternate intelligences."

Which, I think, is what makes Justina Robson's writing so wonderful - hard SF, well crafted female characters, and, as New York Times reviewer David Itzkoff recently commented about another of her books, "the first thing a reader notices about her work is the exquisite precision and thoughtfulness of her writing."

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