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Giveaway alert!


Ahem, now that I've got your attention, I wanted to let you know about an awesome offer in this month's Pyr-a-zine! Our monthly enewsletter has all sorts of info on new releases, exclusive interviews with our favorite authors, and behind-the-scenes looks at different titles we're excited about.  This month we're giving away a copy of Tom Lloyd's newest book The God Tattoo: Untold Tales From the Twilight Reign.

If you love fantasies but just can't find the time (especially around the holidays) to commit to a series, this one is for you.  This awesome collection of short stories takes place in the same world as Lloyd's Twilight Reign series, so if you're familiar with any of those then you're going to want to take a look at this new release.

Head to our Pyr-a-zine archive to sign up for the enewsletter and enter for a chance to win a copy of The God Tattoo. Only subscribers are eligible for this contest, but as long as you sign up before next Friday (Black Friday!) you're in the clear.  If this book doesn't sound like your cup of tea ('s a book, silly, not a beverage) you should still sign up. Who knows what kind of cool stuff we'll be offering next month...?


See Catching Fire. Then read these.

If you’re one of the millions of people who read The Hunger Games series, chances are you’ve thought about heading to the theaters this weekend.  Tonight is the official release of the second movie, Catching Fire, guaranteed to be one of the biggest movies of 2013.

The Hunger Games books are fun, we can’t argue that, but what comes next? What if you don’t like seeing your favorite reads blown up and on fire on the big screen?  What if you've read the books and are hungry (pun totally intended) for more dystopias?

We’ve got a couple awesome, high energy, fast paced series for all you Hunger Game fans who are just dying to get your hands on another book.  If you like action and destruction, then you need to check out Tim Lebbon’s Toxic City trilogy.  In London Eye, the first book in the series, London has been cut off from the rest of the world after a devastating terrorist attack. The government claims it’s now a toxic wasteland, but Jack and his friends know otherwise.   Determined to prove themselves and find their missing families, they risk their lives to sneak inside the city.  They find survivors alright, but they may no longer be human.  They're changing, developing strange powers - evolving. One thing's for sure, if the secrets aren't revealed to the outside world, every one inside may die.

The pulse-pounding conclusion, Contagion, just came out last week.  Check out a sample chapter from London Eye and see what you’re missing!

How about something a little different? Something, a little darker? In Mandy Hager's Blood of the Lamb series, the world has been destroyed by the deadly Tribulation. On the small island of OnewÄ“re in the Pacific, Maryam lives for the day she'll enter adulthood and move to the Holy City.  But once inside, life is not as she had dreamed, and she is quickly faced with the unthinkable: obey the Apostles and very likely die, or turn her back on every belief she once held dear.

Click here to read a sample chapter from the first book, The Crossing, and look for Into the Wilderness in stores this January!


It's that time of year...

Ah, November.  Our bellies haven’t yet recovered from the sugar-rush of Halloween and we’re shoved headfirst past Thanksgiving into the holiday season.  While the stores are busy cramming bright lights and “seasons greetings” down our throats, a little voice in our head starts to speak up.  What’s that, you say? Haven’t started shopping, you say? Ah yes, it’s time to panic.
Before you start to hyperventilate, take a second to think about the people on your shopping lists. Got any friends and family that like to relax with a good book? Do they like a little wit with their adventure? A little snark with their…um…swords? That last one doesn't really work, but what does work is Ari Marmell’s perfect blend of dark humor, high action, and impeccable world-building.  Lost Covenant, the latest Widdershins Adventure, comes out December 3…with just enough time to wrap before the last nights of Hanukkah!  And of course, whoever invented stockings was clearly thinking about books.

Marmell’s writing style is top-notch, guaranteed to have you laughing, crying, and holding on to the edge of your seat right through the end.  His main character Widdershins is a thief on the run, traveling only with the god living in her head.  A family traitor, mad alchemist, and infatuated young nobleman make unraveling the twisted plot surrounding her distant family anything but easy.

Any teen that just can’t handle more high school drama and angst and (totally) needs something more mature will love this one. Adults wanting an epic story in something short enough to actually be able to carry (no doorstops here) are sure to gobble this up. 

Gobble? See, I didn't forget about Thanksgiving after all.

Lost Covenant is available in print and ebook December 3. Avoid the rush and preorder your copies online today!