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Thief's Covenant Scores with Teens and Adults

Ari Marmell's Thief's Covenantis garnering much love from both teen and adult readers and reviewers. Which is just what we wanted with this wonderful fantasy novel. Here is a small sampling of the praise it's receiving:

"This may be one of the best fantasy young adult novels to hit the shelves this year." The New Paltz Oracle

"Thief’s Covenant is a fun, brisk story. I got sucked in every time I picked up the book, and the pages zipped by. This is a thoroughly entertaining novel, and one that should appeal to younger and older readers alike. Marmell doesn’t condescend to the reader, and instead gives us a great fantasy novel. I’m very glad I won’t have to wait too long before the second book in the series, False Covenant, is available. Very highly recommended." Civilian Reader

"Widdershins is a wonderful protagonist, she’s fun, exciting, and filled with enough sarcasm to make any of her retorts quick witted and wonderful to read. But like Marmell’s other books it’s not just Windershins’s charming personality that makes her fun to read, it’s her hilarious, snarky, and sensitive sidekick Olgun that make this book such a fun read. Oh also Olgun is a god, so that certainly makes things interesting. ...I loved the book because of the fast paced action, fantastic interactions between Windershins and Olgun, and fun style of writing. Overall a great book that I’d easily recommend." Whatchamacallit Reviews

"I am so glad that my sister brought Thief's Covenant to my attention because I absolutely loved it. ...Widdershins was definitely a little crazy, but crazy in an interesting what will she do next kind of way. One of the things I liked best about her and her crazy/stubborn streak would have to be that it got her into all sorts of trouble, which meant that there was rarely any dull scenes. I know mean of me to say that I liked that her personality got her into trouble, but I did enjoy." The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

"This is pretty much an adult fantasy novel plot with a teenaged protagonist so don't be put off by the label regardless of your age. Marmell writes a lively story." Critical Mass


"A Trial of Blood and Steel" Prequel Short Story

So what do you do when, in the process of editing your novel, you're forced to cut out a preface chapter you really liked?   You post it on your blog as a free prequel short story, of course.   I'd post the whole thing here on the Pyr blog, but it runs to six thousand words...

This is a prequel tale from 'A Trial of Blood and Steel', on the invasion of Saalshen by King Leyvaan, and the rise of the great serrin leader Maldereld.   It's not exactly a pleasant little story, but then it wasn't exactly a pleasant little war.


Crossing the Streams

Care for the chance to win a free book? How about potentially winning fifteen free books, from a wide variety of fantasy authors (including several Pyr authors)?

Presenting the Crossing the Streams multi-author book contest.

Good luck. :-)