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Crooked Contest @ Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

A contest to win one of two copies of Sean Williams's The Crooked Letter, first volume of his Books of the Cataclysm series, starts today on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist. Here are the details. Good luck!

Pat says, "Pyr books are gradually making a very good name for themselves, with many of their releases pleasing fans and reviewers alike. As such, Pyr books are a welcome addition to the speculative fiction publishing world. Sean Williams' The Crooked Letter was brought to my attention by a number of positive reviews. To all ends and purposes, this novel appears to be something else, something special."

Well, we certainly agree. Sean's fantasy is quite extraordinary. As Hal Duncan (author of Vellum), has said, “Williams’s mix of grand metaphysical vision, weird landscapes and wild adventure makes for a great read, but it's the deeply human story at the heart of The Crooked Letter that really makes it something wonderful."

Meanwhile, Sean has uploaded some very fun photos from the World Science Fiction Convention, including shots of his visit to see Gary Numan playing at the House of Blues, the author of several Star Wars novels with a group of Stormtroopers, and this shot of Sean and Garth Nix in the Batmobile.

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