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A Trio of Reviews

The Library Journal reviews two forthcoming Pyr books favorably. First up is James Enge's The Wolf Age: "“The third novel in Enge’s series detailing the events in the life of Morlock Ambrosius (Blood of Ambrose; This Crooked Way) offers an unusual portrait of werewolves with their own distinct language and culture, as well as superb storytelling… Series fans and readers who enjoy epic fantasy will look forward to this title.”

Next up is The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire Book One) by Clay and Susan Griffith. The verdict? “Blending vampire fiction with steampunk and romance, this trilogy launch by the married authors possesses a seductive charm and tells a rousing tale of adventure…. A change of pace from standard vampire fiction, this should find a sizable readership among fans of fantasy romance as well as the vampire and steampunk genres.”

Then The Montreal Gazette reviews Mark Hodder's The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack. There are a few spoilers in the review, but it concludes: “Alternate history, time travel, detective fiction and steampunk (2010's genre du jour) collide with effervescent results. ...When the full revelations come -which they do halfway through the novel, in Chapter 13 -they are sublimely strange, propelling the already exciting thriller to a superlative level of mind-warping oddness. The influence of Arthur Conan Doyle, Michael Moorcock and Kim Newman is unmistakable, but the resulting brew is fresh and potent.”

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