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Podcasts and Blog Interviews: Sykes and Enge

Sam Sykes, author of Tome of the Undergates, defends the honor of Canadians, the French, fantasy trilogies, and combat-heavy books on the latest SF Signal Podcast, even if he does take another shot at Brent Weeks. The story Sykes tells about Yours Truly in the shows closing minutes should be viewed only as hearsay. But the rest of the podcast is well worth checking out.

Meanwhile, James Enge (The Wolf Age) is a guest on the latest episode of The Functional Nerds today. I'll be checking it out myself shortly, but they say they discuss "Latin, Morlock, sword & socrcery, Blood of Ambrose, This Crooked Way, Merlin, publishing, Popular Science, Norse mythology, Mickey Zucker Reinhurt, Jack Vance, Frtiz Leiber, Roman & Greek mythology, Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Dwarves, creating languages, Klingon & Pyr books" so you must be as intrigued as I am.

Meanwhile, over on the Black Gate blog, James Enge and Howard Andrew Jones (author of the forthcoming The Desert of Souls) discuss "Writing Serial Characters and the Book Deal." Their back and forth conversation is fascinating and informative.

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