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Do You Dream In Colour?

Scientists say it will soon be possible to record your dreams. No news yet on incepting them.

Slightly disturbed at the possibility of archiving some of the things that pass through my head in the wee hours.


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    That is a disturbing possibility...hope there will be a way to password protect my own dreams, too.

  2. Not only do I dream in colour, but I remember dreams, years & years & years later!

  3. @ madisonwoods Password protect would be an absolute necessity, I think.

    @ CES That's a real skill. Unless the dreams are truly disturbing, of course...

  4. No, thank goodness, none of them are truly disturbing! I don't know why I dream in colour or can remember my dreams - I don't work at it (for example, I don't write them down when I wake up). And maybe that's why - I don't work at it - I just let it happen.