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For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Wolf Age (full cover spread)

The Wolf Age by James Enge
Trade Paperback October 2010
Cover Illustration © Dominic Harman
Design by Jacqueline Cooke
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"James Enge's books are like a strange alloy of Raymond Chandler, Fritz Leiber, Larry Niven and some precious metal that is all Enge's own. They're thrilling, funny, and mysteriously moving. I see ten things on every page I wish I’d written. I could read him forever and never get bored." Lev Grossman, New York Times bestselling author of The Magicians

Wuruyaaria: city of werewolves, whose raiders range over the dying northlands, capturing human beings for slaves or meat. Wuruyaaria: where a lone immortal maker wages a secret war against the Strange Gods of the Coranians. Wuruyaaria: a democracy where some are more equal than others, and a faction of outcast werewolves is determined to change the balance of power in a long, bloody election year.

Their plans are laid; the challenges known; the risks accepted. But all schemes will shatter in the clash between two threats few had foreseen and none had fully understood: a monster from the north on a mission to poison the world, and a stranger from the south named Morlock Ambrosius.


  1. Clay Griffith12:35 PM

    That's pretty. Nice work, Dominic & Jacqueline.

  2. It looks lovely, Lou! I'm also glad you went with a cover blurb recommendation! ;-) (I like 'em, what can I say?) Can't wait 'til it's out!!

  3. so proud to have my blurb on this book

  4. Thanks all. Lev, so proud to have your blurb on this book. Can't wait to send you a copy.