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James Enge: Sword and Sorcery's Next Big Thing

Art by Dominic Harman
Paul Jessup has interviewed James Enge (Blood of Ambrose, This Crooked Way, The Wolf Age) on his blog today, in a piece entitled "Sword and Sorcery's Next Big Thing." The entire interview is well worth your time, but here's a taste.

"One of the reasons to write or read fantasy is that it gives you the opportunity to think about what’s real by considering the unreal. Traveling through the uncanny valley with things that look like people but, rather creepily, are not is one way to stir up those thoughts… or at least feelings that might provoke thought. I try not to write with a Message (VOTE FOR BEEBLEBROX! HE’S JUST THIS GUY, YOU KNOW?) but any story that matters enough to people to get them to feel something will also provoke thought. Some sort of beast will be taunted out of its cave, or so we hope."

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