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The Ragged Man: Highly Recommended Epic Storytelling

Art by Todd Lockwood
Look at what they are saying:

“In The Ragged Man, the fourth book of his Twilight Reign series, Lloyd draws the reader even further into the lives (and deaths) of his large and unforgettable cast of players.  To open this book is to fall into it, and reaching the end doesn’t automatically mean you’re done.  From the tortured plains of the afterworld, to the spectacle of magic, to the creation and destruction of gods, Lloyd crafts an impressive tapestry of characters, motivations, actions, and purpose that will have you turning pages non-stop.  If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into, I highly recommend this book and the entire series.” -Sacramento Book Review, San Francisco Book Review

“It is the type of epic fantasy that a large cast of interesting characters and extremely fast paced that keeps the reader interested. The world building is original, especially in regards to the way the gods are handled and other beings like the 'white-eye' or others. Also, the book includes a character list and a brief overview of the previous books for those new to the series.  I am desperate to get the final book in the series when it is released to find out how it all ends.  This is a nice addition to anyone who loves epic fantasies where the gods are not perfect and absolute and the humans are just as fascinating as the gods. I give this one a keeper status of 5 stars!” -Night Owl Reviews

“If you thought that Book Three was pretty good then you’re just going to love the fourth offering. You get characters that continue to grow and having to fill shoes that were left empty after the last installment which makes this something that really will grip the readers imagination…Within this title you get everything that makes Tom a name but also a maturing writing style as the series carries wending its bloody way through your mind. It’s well written, the characters gripping but above all else it’s the twists as well as politicking that make this a title to savour.” -Falcata Times

“Intangibly epic. …Lloyd’s choices are all logical and satisfying. They’re just not what you expect…. This book deserves its acclaim. It deserves its awards. It has my attention. Fans are going to love it. There’re certainly no letdowns here. Not a one. You will gasp in awe at many of his plot choices…  It’s something I would have written if I were skilled enough to be writing this. Yes. Expect more of the same from Mister Lloyd, and to be honest that’s the finest compliment I could pay him – in that he’s always reliably stunning.” -Lateral Books,

“There still is a lot of story left to tell about The Twilight Reign. The stage is set for a major battle of the gods. While I expect the final volume of the series, The Dusk Watchman, to be very ambitious — it must be, to bring the series to a satisfying resolution — The Ragged Man assures me that Lloyd will be able to pull it off. I wait with anticipation for the final volume of this engaging theomachy.” -Ray Gun Reviews

“Through all the violence and despair that dominate the series, there is also hope here, with Lloyd fashioning some truly touching moments that humanise his characters no matter how imbued they are with godliness, magic or immortality” -Total Sci-Fi Online


  1. Lou,
    Why can't we get these books in an eBook format. I believe I read on his website that they should be avaiable in the US.


  2. Hi Lynn,
    Sadly Pyr doesn't hold the ebook rights to these, the UK publisher does. It will be up to them to release the ebooks here. Wish it were not so or I'd have them up already!

  3. Lou,

    Thanks for the quick reply.