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Take a Bite Out of This!

Clay and Susan Griffith, author of the forthcoming The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire Book One), guest blog on Bite Club today with a piece about the original Dracula.

Meanwhile, sister site VampChix says that The Greyfriar is "is the best book I've read this year.  (I had probably in that last sentence, then took it out.  No doubts, it is the best.)... The story opens quickly, and jumps right into the action.  Some historical reads tend to fill pages with detail and history of cities and societies, but not this one.  The Griffiths seamlessly weave in the details, while not once pausing to slow down the pace.  It makes this book a page turner.  If you're looking for an interesting setting, with gorgeous detail, great dialogue and is all-around satisfying, pick this one up.  Romance fans will not be disappointed by the well-crafted relationship that grows into a devastatingly delicious pairing. "

And The Greyfriar is just one of four Pyr books you can win in a contest hosted by! Sink your teeth into that!

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