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Selling Out: Can We Get a Cyborg Woman Show-Down?

Monsters and Critics reviews the second Quantum Gravity book from Justina Robson. Reviewer Sandy Amazeen says of Selling Out:"This absorbing and exciting second installment lives up expectations with the six parallel worlds of humans, elves, demons, faeries, elementals and undead further developed with tantalizing hints of a seventh world dropped in for good measure. Lila’s strong character is nicely balanced by enough self-doubt and concerns about her autonomy to be interesting without being overplayed. A lot more background is provided for the other key protagonists giving this a well rounded feel while setting up the next book with a couple of potential showdowns."

Meanwhile, she isn't the first to make the comparison with another Pyr series: "Fans of Joel Shepherd’s Cassandra Kresnov series, think Sandy with six realms worth of creatures, politics and villains to run afoul of.”

Can the fanfic be far behind? Me, I think either one of these two super soldiers could kick the new Bionic Woman's butt. And Katee Sackhoff would be an excellent Cassandra, but who would you cast as Lila Black?