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Sean Williams' Reconstitué

This morning Sean Williams' kindly shared the cover of Reconstitué with me, the French-language edition of his novel, The Resurrected Manout from Bragelonne. Here is the full image, san text. Art is by illustrator Miguel Coimbra. Our own cover illustration, pictured lower right, was by the marvelous John Picacio.

And because I love doing this, here is Babel Fish's French to English description of the book:

The private detective Jonah McEwen is required for murder. Somebody kills out of the women who resemble Marylin Blaylock, his/her former colleague and amante. The last macabre discovery takes place right on the step of its door. It is the ideal suspect. The problem? Jonah has been in the coma for three years - a coma into which it does not remember to have fallen. And it there has the worse... killer in series, known under the name of Réplicateur, uses the technology of the instantaneous transfer of matter, or "D-chechmate", for violently torturing and killing out of perfect copies of its victims, without touching with the original ones. While the legal conflicts make rage to determine if the elimination of a copy is assimilable to a murder, Jonah is found in the uncomfortable position to have to protest its innocence whereas its own copy is perhaps guilty. In a future where the border between the human one and the machine are done increasingly fuzzy, the reconstituted man explores the future of terrorism, of the world conspiracy and maintenance of law and order. Perfect mixture of thriller and science fiction Cyberpunk, this novel depicts the complexity of the relations between Jonah and Marylin, and their tracking of the killer before it does not strike again. It unties also the tensions which have bound Jonah to his/her father - a man, died for three years, but which could still hold the key of the mystery..."

Sounds great to me!

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