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More Love for Pyr's Butt Kicking Ladies

The blog Of Science Fiction discovers that Justina Robson's Keeping It Realis "not I, Robot meets Lord of the Rings in a London flat of a single secretary looking for love. But that's not too far off..." And who can fault them when they say, "Seamlessly meshing martial drama, political intrigue, magic, science and corporate politics with light fun-poking and flirting, this is an extremely entertaining book. ...Find it, buy it, read it. Support this author and the new label. And, enjoy a really good book in the process. Talk about win-win!"

Meanwhile, over at SciFi Crowsnest, Tomas L. Martin weighs in on Joel Shepherd's last Cassandra Kresnov novel, Killswitch"Shepherd treatment of Cassandra's personality has been a real highlight of these books and this continues in Killswitch. Cassandra's relationship with the gay CDF leader Vanessa Rice is especially thoughtfully handled and never clichéd. Like all of the books, too, the action is electric and explosive. ... a class above most SF thrillers and completes the trilogy well."

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