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Killswitch & The Blade Itself: Come for the Battles, Stay for the Characters

Two more great Pyr reviews in my in-box this morning.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist says that Joel Shepherd's third and finale (for now) Cassandra Kresnov novel, Killswitch,is "yet another intelligent, action-packed and kick-ass scifi thriller!" Patrick says the book is "highly recommended" and explains that, "The characterization is probably my favorite aspect of this trilogy. Cassandra's moral awakening has been a fascinating facet to follow thus far, and I like how the author raises a number of philosophical issues through her character. Those moments are interwoven almost seamlessly into the plotlines, which is no small feat."

Overall, he finds the book, "A remarkable blend of political thriller and thrilling science fiction adventure... an exciting closing chapter to a terrific series. Shepherd brings the story to a satisfying ending, though the door is left open for possible sequels...Readers who relish strong female characters, complex storylines, and incredible action and battle scenes should give this trilogy a shot. Chances are they won't be disappointed!"

Meanwhile, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Book Reviews weighs in on Joe Abercrombie's debut fantasy, The Blade Itself." Sprinkled with political intrigue and short, messy battles, The Blade Itself is packed with action for sure, but it's also an amazing work of character development. Abercrombie's characters are profane, complex and never boring..."

And, in something that made me smile, they add, "I finally have a rival for The Name of the Wind as my favorite book of the year."


  1. That's some high praise for BLADE. I read THE NAME OF THE WIND last month and absolutely LOVED it, so I'm glad to know I haven't lost my taste for epic fantasy. :)

  2. Don D'Ammassa at Critical Mass also has a favorable review of Killswitch by Joel Shepherd.
    You can read it here (scroll down):
    My copy was already pre-ordered...

  3. Hi Marcel:
    I've seen the D'Ammassa review, but thank you very much for pointing it out - sometimes things slip through. Meanwhile, please come back and let me know if you agree when you get your copy! Thanks!