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Reader Response: Kenyon and Latner

My director of publicity received this very welcome email from an enthusiastic reader. I asked and we have received permission to repost it here:

Ms Maxick,

I don't usually take the time to provide this type of feedback to publishers, and I haven't read many SF novels written by women, most likely an unconscious (but not excusable) bias. Two of your authors are a worthy exception - Kay Kenyon and Alexis Glynn Latner.

I recently finished reading Kenyon's Bright of the Skyand thoroughly enjoyed how she presented complex character development, surprising plot twists, and epic space opera. So much so in that I scrounged around, found, and bought two of her earlier novels to enjoy her writing style, creativity, and wit.

I'm currently reading Latner's Hurricane Moonand am struck by how much detailed originality and humanity she's packed into the classic SF plot of settling on a new world. I'd bet really 'good' money that I'll be watching for new novels by her.

I've perused & bookmarked your website to learn more about your SF books, etc and will be returning to it regularly. Thank you for publishing these two authors and for putting Pyr science fiction on my entertainment radar screen.


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