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The Blade Itself Rises to the Top

Neth Space posts their review of Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself,which they say "easily equals anything released in epic fantasy in the past few years, and just may rise to the top."

As have many before, Neth praises the book's characters, saying "Abercrombie skillfully portrays them with near-perfect internal and external dialogue set at an ideal pace. These seem like real people from history rather than some over-done cliché or archetype."

And finally, Neth concludes " of the most promising epic fantasies that I’ve read in years. Abercrombie had me laughing with his guile as he stops just short of spitting in the face of genre and set my heart racing through some the best written fight scenes of any genre. This one is not just for fans of epic fantasy."

Update 10/30/07: Neth Space also posts this hysterical interview, Joe Abercrombie Answers Five Questions. Not your usual interview, mind you.

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