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Multiverse Reviews: Brasyl & Infoquake

Over on MySpace, Multiverse Reviews tackles two Pyr novels, Ian McDonald's Brasyland David Louis Edelman's Infoquake.

Speaking of Brasyl, they write, "Sure, I've read parallel universe plotlines before, but Brasyl takes it to a whole new level of weirdness... Enjoy their stories for what they are, don't rush to the end for the action. The enjoyment of the journey makes the unexpected and bizarre kicker even sweeter."

Speaking of Infoquake, they write, "Let me just say that this is a wonderfully written book. It kept me engrossed and riveted, with well-written dialogue and engaging characters. In addition, as an avid fan of world building, I loved the world that Edelman created. This book carved a brand new universe using alternate history, detailed imagination and Edelman's computer programming background...I wholeheartedly recommend Infoquake for anybody and everybody. I know I am just one of many who eagerly await Edelman's follow up novel to the fantastic Infoquake."

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