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SciFi To Die For

Rick Kleffel offers his enthusiastic preview/review of Ian McDonald's forthcoming Brasylover on his site, The Agony Column. As he says:

"McDonald is clearly one of our premiere science fiction writers and he's pretty much staking out the multi-cultural SF niche as his. And even if Brasyl is a bit shorter and more easily grokable than River of Gods, have no fear that it delivers the same sort of combination knockout punch, stunning the reader with the ferocity of the writing and the strangeness of both the culture and the future, and in this case, the past, that McDonald imagines. Line up for it, and plan on seeing it on some genre fiction ballots. You'll be asked to vote for it, so you might as well experience it sooner rather than later. Come to think of it, the same is true of the future."

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