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Sci-Fantasy Hits the Spot.

Fantasy Book Spot has posted a review of Justina Robson's upcoming sci-fantasy, Keeping It Real (Quantum Gravity, Book 1) which they describe as being "ultra-edgy, explosively musicpunk," adding "Robson crafts an adventure that is filled with legend, lore, love, and laughs with a steady hand. It both makes light of itself and takes things very seriously. To call the work anything but a ball of sheer originality would be an insult to pointy-eared elves everywhere."

Their "quick take": "An entertaining novel that junkets the reader on an adventure brimming with magical races, dangerous entities, and page-turning experiences, Keeping It Real is a blast."

Meanwhile, SF Signal chimes in with a review of Kay Kenyon's epic, Bright of the Sky: Book1 of The Entire and the Rose, giving it four stars and proclaiming the book is "a standout novel" and praising it's "unique setting both physically and societally." As they say:


BOTTOM LINE: Bright Of The Sky effortlessly blends science fiction concepts and world-building with fantasy story telling to create a unique and intriguing whole.

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