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Publishers Weekly Makes the Break

Publishers Weekly has just weighed in on Breakaway, Joel Shepherd's follow up to Crossover, which introduced us to the synthetic soldier Cassandra Kresnov. After summarizing everything I love about the plot, PW says:

"Beneath the glitz of snazzy weaponry, unstoppable heroes and byzantine political machinations is a very real struggle about the nature of humanity and trust."

I might add that this review underscores why I think Joel Shepherd's Cassandra Kresnov series are perfect Pyr books - "snazzy weaponry" and "unstoppable heroes" but also "political machinations" and "very real struggle" and "nature of humanity."

Who's to say that books about hot artificial soldiers leaping guns blazing out of flying cars can't have depth and substance and character? See, as I've been saying all along, you can have your cake and blow it up too.

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