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Dann the Man

Kilian Melloy reviews Jack Dann's The Man Who Melted for the Edge, Boston. Speaking about the novel, Kilian says: "Dann has packed so many surprises into his novel that by the end, the reader feels whole new colors on the spectrum of motive and emotion have been revealed.... This complex, mutli-layered novel engages you twice: first, searingly, as you read it and then, later and more profoundly, as you replay its subtle warnings and prognostications. ...Dann’s novel requires that you look, then look again, to appreciate everything he’s put into its creation."

Meanwhile, be sure to check out this interview with Jack Dann which Kilian conducted as well. In Jack Dann's words, " In The Man Who Melted, I was investigating in depth the very nature of amnesia. I must admit that this was a delving into self, as I’ve had my own experience with amnesia, with its effects, and so this novel was my way of working out some of my deepest feelings and fears."

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