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Adam Roberts Up on a Wire

Adam Roberts talks to John Joseph Adams of Sci Fi Wire about his Arthur C. Clarke Award nominated novel, Gradisil, described by The Times as being "reminiscent of the best of Robert Heinlein." As Adam says:

"When I set down to write Gradisil, I wanted to write something hard SF, something near-ish future, something Robert Heinlein or Stephen Baxter-like. As with all my novels, I think it's fair to say that something weird and dislocating happens to these great authors when I force them into the woodchipper of my own imagination, but there's something tech-SF-y and war-story about this particular novel."

Gradisil is out in March, but you can read the first four chapters online now. I certainly recommend that you do, especially if you've never read Adam before, because, as SFX said recently, "Roberts belongs in the front rank of hard SF writers."

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