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More Alien Sex

Eric Brown reviews Martin Sketchley's The Liberty Gunin a piece in the Guardian entitled "Identity Crisis":

"...a fast-paced action adventure with an oddly nostalgic feel. What isn't at all old-fashioned is an alien race comprising three sexes which leads to fascinating human-alien-human intercourse and its resulting emotional fallout; and a hard-bitten central character whose humanity is tested to the limit."

Also reviewed, books by Jeffrey Thomas, Stephen Baxter, and Liz Williams.


  1. Lou,

    This is somewhat off-topic...but speaking of alien sex, or aliens, sex, and SF -- it'd be great to see a new novel, or classic reprint, or new story collection by Barry Malzberg. He's written brilliantly and subversively about all three of the topics above, and more...


  2. By odd coincidence, I've been reading through his and Mike Resnick's Dialogues from the SFWA Bulletin this week.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about their dialogues...although it looks like they're not online at the SFWA site.

  4. Hopefully, someone will collect them into a book at some point!