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The Horns of Ruin: One of the Most Original Books of the Year

The Horns of Ruin"An engaging and eventful blend of the sword and sorcery tale told with elements of steampunk, this is perhaps one of the most original books to come out this year. And that’s saying something - the year is almost over." LEC Book Reviews on Tim Akers' The Horns of Ruin

Also: "His execution of the plot is nearly flawless, with an entrancing pace and a welcomed alternation between action-heavy sequences and the more mellow (perhaps no the best of words, but...) ones. A strong sense of wit and irony reveals itself in his prose making The Horns of Ruin a novel gifted with both a great storyline and very developed, streamlined writing."

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  1. I like this. You had me at "One of the Most Original Books of the Year."