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The Greyfriar: The Future of Genre Fiction

Paul Goat Allen is the moderator for Barnes & Noble's Explorations: The B&N SciFi and Fantasy Blog, as well as a reviewer with over 6,000 reviews to his credit. So it is fair to say his opinion is an informed one. He just wrote a post at Explorations titled, "The Future of Genre Fiction is Now: Why the Vampire Empire Trilogy is a Landmark Work." He writes, "I absolutely loved The Greyfriar and literally couldn’t put it down. (In all honesty, I hugged this book after finishing it.) It’s simultaneously alternate history, epic adventure fantasy, apocalyptic horror, and heartrending romance. With a storyline powered by steampunk sensibilities and an audacious tone reminiscent of the Golden Age adventure pulps (like Doc Savage and The Spider), this novel was simply a brilliant amalgam of genre elements. ....The Greyfriar is so much more than a vampire novel. It’s an insanely appetizing mélange of genre fiction ingredients. It’s works like this that get me excited about the future of genre fiction – I challenge anyone to read this novel and not feel compelled to hug it like I did after reading it."

His whole article is very much worth reading for the take on the blurring of genre boundaries and the rise of urban fantasy.

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