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James Enge: a considerable amount of imagination

Cover art by Dominic Harman

From Dominic Cilli's review of James Enge's This Crooked Way at SF Site, which focuses on the episodic nature of the novel:

"James Enge has shown a considerable amount of imagination in his writing of This Crooked Way. His decision to structure the book using this uncommon method of narration that I described above is certainly not anything groundbreaking for an author, but it was refreshing and impressive. Not only does it work exceedingly well as a vehicle to tell Enge's story, but it shows, that at a very early stage in his career Enge isn't afraid to take a risk. It appears that Enge isn't going to be just another fantasy author churning out volume after volume of rote fantasy written in the same sing-song style he knows he can be successful with. He is willing to take a chance and grow as an author and he deserves to be praised for it.  ....Furthermore, This Crooked Way has more than enough in it to keep readers entertained throughout. All the stories contained within the novel have something to keep readers intrigued and it looks like James Enge is creating a very dark and entertaining universe in which to write his Ambrose novels. His magic system contains elements of science, logic and manufacturing all combined together and gives This Crooked Way some very intriguing and believable supernatural aspects. ...a smart and entertaining read. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend This Crooked Way to my friends and James Enge is certainly an author I would keep my eye on in the future"

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