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The Ghost Arrives on the Kindle!

We've been getting a lot of emails and comments asking when George Mann's Ghosts of Manhattan will be released on the Kindle, so I know a lot of people are going to be excited to learn that it's here!

"Ghosts of Manhattan is a brilliant hybrid of superhero/vigilante tale, film noir, and 1920s decadence... It is an exceedingly dark character study of damaged characters attempting to make the world a better place than it has been for them. It is a portrait of a world just one step removed from our reality, a New York that never was but could have been. It is a thematic rumination on the nature of heroism, blessed with exquisite prose, twisty mystery (one revelation in particular almost made me want to start reading all over again, to note the earlier clues), genuinely thrilling suspense, and cracking violence--a beautifully crafted novel whose dark heart is counterbalanced with small moments of unexpected tenderness. And dirigibles."

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