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Enge is Freaking Terrific!

Blood of AmbroseSwords & Dark Magic: The New Sword and SorcerySteve at Elitist Book Reviews has just posted a review of my Eos anthology, Swords & Dark Magic (co-edited with Jonathan Strahan). The Pyr editor in me is particularly pleased with his assessment of James Enge's "The Singing Spear":
One of the best stories in the collection. Enge is so absurdly underrated. His character Morlock Ambrosius is a man of legend. A sorcerer of unparalleled power. And, uh, a complete drunk. "The Singing Spear" is a tale about what Morlock does when his bartender is killed. Enge is freaking terrific. This story will make you want to read more of his stuff. We suggest starting with BLOOD OF AMBROSE.

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  1. I had to have Swords & Dark Magic, so I ordered it. I have it here to read, and looking forward to it.

    I received your news letter with the discount for Blood of Ambrose and I am really curious about this one. I keep going back to it and looking at it. There seems to be something here that has caught my eye on this one. I am thinking about getting it.