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Justina Robson: Femme Fatale Kung Fu Master

Noted author and blogger John Scalzi interviews Justina Robson on his AOL Ficlets blog, as well as giving a nice plug for her novel, Keeping It Real, on his Whatever blog. Here's a taste of the interview, in which Robson describes herself to John's readers, but I encourage you to check out the whole thing:

"I’m one of those lifetime scribblers who started out filling legal pads with Star Wars fiction and stories about ponies and ended up writing for a living. That was my plan since I was at school in about 1983 and I stuck with it. Now I’m a lot older and I’m still sticking with it. I live in English suburbia, with two children and my partner. That wasn’t in my plans when I was younger. I always thought I’d go off to California and be wildly unconventional. Maybe later. I still haven’t quite given up all my other dreams either, which included being some kind of scientist, astronaut, mystical sage, femme fatale, kung fu master or doctor but I don’t see how I’ll fit all that in."

Also see Musapaloosa, Robson's LiveJournal.

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