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It's a Small World After All: Kay Kenyon

Kay Kenyon is interviewed on the latest installment of The Small World Podcast. As host Bazooka Joe says:

We discuss her move to Wenatchee, Washington; the plot of Bright of the Sky;why she thinks the good old fashioned hero has been missing from science fiction; why the protagonasit, Titus Quinn, suffers from amnesia; the two universes of Bright of the Sky; why the denizens of The Entire refer to Earth as The Rose; why she chose to emulate ancient Mandarin culture in her book; other cultures she has incoporated into her stories; my interview with Lou Anders of Pyr books; Flash Gordon; writing the scene of Titus Quinn’s heinous crime; the challenge of developing Titus Quinn’s daughter, Sydney; themes she will be exploring in future books in the series; why she began writing fiction and science fiction; why she thinks more women are writing and enjoying science ficiton.

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