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The Con That Assigns Homework

Readercon, "the con that assigns homework," has selected Kay Kenyon's Bright of the Sky as one of four books they are urging all attendees to read pre-convention. The other three books are Ironside by Holly Black, Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand and Blindsight by Peter Watts. These books will be the focus of discussion in a series of 30-minute author talks called "How I Wrote[Novel Title]."

Readercon began today, running July 5-8, at the Burlington Marriott in Burlington, Massachusetts. Wish I were there!


  1. I *so* wish I could attend ReaderCon. Alas, I don't even live in driving distance...but that's so cool that they have a suggested reading list! I've been eyeing Kenyon's book for a while, but just haven't picked it up yet...

  2. I have never attended Readercon though it's been recommended to me highly many times. I think I must attend next year...

    Certainly, this news goes along way to confirming the oft-expressed-to-me opinion that Readercon is a READER con.

  3. Kay Kenyon9:18 AM

    From Readercon: This is turning out to be a Very cool con. First indicator: a lively Thursday night session with an auditorium full of people giving two-line raves for their favorite book, many of them obscure and quirky. People tucked into hotel sofas, noses in books. Very cool.

  4. Okay, I am so there next year. Can't wait to hear about it. And Dave Edelman emailed me to say he's having a ball too.