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Chris Roberson's forthcoming Solaris title, Set the Seas on Fire,is the subject of John Berlyne's latest review over on SFRevu. Set the Seas on Fire is actually a direct prequel to Paragaea: A Planetary Romance,which John reviewed last year. He references Paragaea again here, calling it "a hugely enjoyable pulpish adventure." Meanwhile, he finds the new book "adds another very competent and confident story to Roberson's ever-growing, increasingly impressive interconnected cannon – one can expect more from the characters one has met in this novel, and not necessarily in the same kind of setting."

As John says above, Chris's novels occur in one big, interconnected multiverse, much like those of his influences Michael Moorcock and Philip José Farmer and his contemporary Kage Baker. Chris himself expands on the relationship between these two particular novels on his blog, Roberson's Interminable Ramble. Meanwhile, he is also interviewed over on Heidi's Pick Six, a blog that asks an author to pick six out of fifteen standard questions. How standard? Question number three is "coffee, tea, or milk?"

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