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Vater Ganges

The May edition of German site has a review of Ian McDonald's River of Gods (or "Vater Ganges") by Frank A. Dudly.

Frank helpfully sent along his English-language summation:

"This book asks for a lot of reading stamina but ultimately rewards everyone who has it. After the quite demanding first third, the story's fractal mosaic forms a breathtaking picture you don't forget. McDonald's frequent jumps from character to character, from strand to strand become a clear pattern and a look through a kaleidoscope of curry and computers."

Which was very nice of him. Because, while Babel Fish is amazing, and I was able to follow it's translation and get the gist, you still get gems like this:

"After this conceptionally demanding and elaborierten Parforceritt by the Indian future – one just as in parts often turns back as forwards – begins the amazing final, which requires still more attention and concentration than the exposition. Without doubt, this book requires the whole reader, not only once, but twice. It is as complex and more fully multilayered as the country to course: To understand more recompencing for inhabitants western hemisphere at first exerting and only with difficulty, but the, if one gets involved in it."


  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    That's hilariuos, as usual. Babel Fish does have a syntax problem. And thanks for referring to our review at!

  2. Hi Frank!
    I'm in awe of Babel Fish, as much as I poke fun - it still lets you get the gist of what is being said.
    Thanks for reading!