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Sean Won't Leave You Hanging

Sean Williams' The Hanging Mountains is in from the printer! That means it should start to show up for online ordering any day now and will begin appearing in stores in about three weeks. This is the third book in Sean's epic Books of the Cataclysm quartet, which SFF World previously described as:

"The story has the mythic resonance of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and American Gods, the dark fantasy/horror one might associate with something like Stephen King’s Dark Tower saga, the multiple universes/realities of Moorcock’s Eternal Champion mythos, and the strange, weird creatures one might associate with China MiĆ©ville’s Bas-lag novels. Williams imagined world is equal part those novels which preceded his, but fortunately, there is enough newness to both the approach and vision to make this the work of a singular vision...."

What's more, I'm also very pleased to announce that The Hanging Mountains has been designated as a Book Sense Notable for July!!!!!

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  1. These are all good, people.

    You could also suggest Mark Chadbourn, as perhaps a closer comparison than Moorcock. Different hemisphere, though. :)