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One of a Kind & One for the Ages

Two Pyr reviews on the latest installment of SFSite.

First, Paul Raven contributes a very thoughtful review of Mike Resnick's Starship: Pirate, the second book in his military SF series. The review contrasts Resnick's brand of space opera and military SF with the accepted norm of these subgenres, and concludes, that Starship: Pirate is, "a curiosity; a surprisingly thoughtful novel dressed in the clothing of classic SF adventure. If Resnick's aim with the series is to bring a breath of fresh air to the military sub-genre, he can be said to have succeeded. "

Next, Greg L. Johnson provides a short but very enthusiastic endorsement of Kay Kenyon's Bright of the Sky, the first book in her The Entire and the Rose quartet.

Greg calls Bright "a star-maker, a magnificent book that should establish its author's reputation as among the very best in the field today. Deservedly so, because it's that good... Bright of the Sky enchants on the scale of your first encounter with the world inside of Rama, or the immense history behind the deserts of Dune, or the unbridled audacity of Riverworld. It's an enormous stage demanding a grand story and, so far, Kenyon is telling it with style and substance. ...Bright of the Sky could very well be the book of the year. If the rest of the series measures up, it will be one for the ages."

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