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Brasyl: Science Fiction on Technicolor

A review by John Berlyne of Ian McDonald's Brasyl, has been postedat SFRevu:

"One sentence summations cannot convey the brilliance with which Ian McDonald's blends his three narratives together – and definitely not without spoilers," writes Berlyn. "But certainly, this author's skills are on full Technicolor, surround sound display here, and his innate feel and obvious love for language gives Brasyl a vibrant Latin beat that pulsates persistently at the very heart of the novel."

Berlyne labels Brasyl as "recommended" and concludes by saying that, "One is left with the impression of genre novel right on the cutting edge of the quantum blades wielded as weapons within its pages, a book that loudly proclaims the arrival of the future, of a designer fiction, fashioned for a premium market and of a book that surely will be hailed as loudly as McDonald's previous works."

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