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The Straight Dope on the Crooked Letter

William Lexner has just posted his thoughts on Sean Williams' award-winning fantasy novel, The Crooked Letter, over on his blog I Hope I Didn't Just Give Away the Ending. William writes, "Set in the same world, as a prequel of sorts, as his previous young adult Book of The Change series, The Crooked Letter is a stark turn towards adult fantasy for Williams. In fact, the book is quite gritty, violent, and very much aimed at a mature audience....Mythologies and religious beliefs are melded and warped in a world not unlike our own in many ways. Narration is divided through the separate realms, but manages to weave itself into a wonderful story. The prose is eloquent and the dialogue is flawless.... I may not have been a Williams fan prior to it's reading, but I certainly count myself amongst that number now."

The follow-up novel to The Crooked Letter, The Blood Debt, will be published this coming October. Cover art for the series is by the wonderful Greg Bridges.

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