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Full Cover Spread for Sagramanda

Here is the full cover for Alan Dean Foster's Sagramanda, a techno-thriller set in near-future India coming this October. Art is by John Picacio, design by Jacqueline Cooke. A bit of a differnt look for us, no? I'm well pleased. (As always, click to enlarge.)

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  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Um, hello? Why is the Hindi script upside down? Is that intentional? And what does it say anyhow, since I am illiterate and can't read Hindi or English and so will you please read the book outloud to me as my bedtime story? You can sit by my bed in Berkeley each night and read until I fall asleep (you'll know because I snore really loudly) and then sneak out, but please give my dog a pat on the head first (she sleeps next to me and also snores, and gets all upset when you leave without saying a quiet "goodbye" even if she's asleep, and she is a BIG dog, though I doubt she would bit you just for snooping out of our room. And what does "Sagramanda" mean? I tried looking it up but was unable to find anything other than that perhaps it means something to do with "spread out" or "sprawling" which could make sense.