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Life Afer WorldCon, 2006

Last week was the 64th World Science Fiction Convention, this one held in Anaheim, CA and host to about 6,000 fans. This was my busiest convention ever - I've blogged about it in depth at my personal site. Rather than repeat that here, I thought I'd show some of the pictures from the various Pyr events.

Friday 2 PM was also the Pyr Panel, where we spoke to a crowd of some 70 or 80 people (it was hard to tell, but the room was packed). Present were Fiona Avery, David Louis Edelman, Alan Dean Foster, Kay Kenyon, Ian McDonald, John Picacio, Mike Resnick, Chris Roberson, Dave Seeley, Joel Shepherd, and Sean Williams. Despite a shaky start with the PowerPoint projector, and perhaps aided by unexpected fun from the dualing ringtones - Ian McDonald trumped my David Bowie with the theme song from the A-Team - the panel appears to have been a tremendous success. (Thanks to Fiona Avery for the photos!)

Saturday afternoon, the wonderful people of Borderlands Books were kind enough to host a Pyr signing for Ian McDonald, David Louis Edelman, Joel Shepherd, and Sean Williams.(Thanks to Dan Zieber for the photos! Thanks to Alan and Jude for everything!) A shout out to everyone who lent their enthusiasm and their support! I think this whole week was a tremendous success in terms of promoting Pyr-awareness and also tremendous fun.

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